The number one question I get from my clients is: "what exercises should I avoid?" The tricky part is that it's not that simple because every person, every pregnancy, and every recovery is different. There is no such thing as a bad exercise; only lack of awareness of what symptoms you need to look for in your body. My goal is for you to be educated & aware of what to look for, this puts the power in your hands. I want you to leave these sessions and be able to be your own advocate and be in charge of your own body.

What you will learn in this series will not only apply to this particular phase of your pregnancy & postpartum journey, but you will use this information to make decisions for your body the rest of your life. These sessions are things that I wish I had known while I was pregnant and even earlier on in life in athletics and dance. 

The Pregnancy & Postpartum Virtual 6 Week Series 

        SEPT 2024 - Dates TBD 
      Thursdays 4:30-5:45 Pm cst

Understanding what to look for is crucial to your overall strength and well being. No matter if you are picking up your toddler, unloading the dishwasher, doing an overhead press in a workout class, in forearm plank, or any abdominal exercise, you will learn what to look for to make sure you are not causing damage to your body, but strengthening instead.


If you pee when you sneeze or when you do jumping jacks, you will learn how to properly contract your pelvic floor and also release the pelvic floor. Not only will you now be able to wear different color yoga pants other than black, but it will help your sex life too. 


Have a flat tush like a pancake that you can not seem to fix with clam shell and squats? I will show you how to activate your glutes and how to properly strengthen them to get that butt back.


There is no such thing as perfect posture, but it’s all about getting your body to a place where it is functioning efficiently to help with back and hip pain. Not to mention, people with good posture burn about 300 more calories per day.


More often than not you have been taught abdominal strength exercises but have never been taught how to activate the muscles correctly to see the desired results. If you’re someone who just pulls your belly button back to your spine, or are someone who just grips with the upper abdominals which causes your lower belly to pooch, this will be life changing. You can’t strengthen a muscle if you don’t know how to activate it. 


Did you know that breathing correctly makes your core stronger, gives you flatter abs and reduces stress? We will walk through how to approach breath work and ensure that it is the foundation moving forward. 



Corianne, Pregnancy & Postpartum 6 week Series Participant 

It is never too late to improve your strength and wellness after having babies. I am 8 years postpartum and Liz has coached me through a body evolution through her 6 week course and weekly barre classes.

through Liz's deep knowledge of women's bodies, overall alignment and the importance of diaphragmatic breath, I now feel stronger and HEALTHIER at 44 than I did in my 20's." 

Across two births and two miscarriages/D&Cs I experienced stage 4 tears and had overall loss of energy and lack of engagement in my pelvic floor and lower abdomen. I was experiencing symptoms of prolapse when running and had to take ibuprofen before most workouts in order to manage lower back pain. Simply sliding across the seat of a cab to exit a car was challenging. 

Through Liz's guidance, I soon realized that the hard work and time I was putting in at Barre class or spin was masking larger fundamental strength issues specifically in my core, glutes, adductors and pelvic floor. 

Liz is a highly-gifted trainer and wonderful human. Her ability to prompt mind body engagement has resulted in me properly using my glutes, deep core and pelvic floor for the first time since I can remember. My overall stability is infinity stronger, I feel deeper muscle engagement through daily activity, get more out of every workout and I have more abdominal tone than I had before children (and when I was working out with a personal trainer 3x a week).


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No refunds for missed classes.


-Live workouts with Liz
-Q&A with Pelvic Floor PT

-Q&A with a Birth + Postpartum Doula 
-Q&A with Perinatal Mental Health          Therapist
-Q&A with Partum Health 
-Private community with exclusive           content + exercise break downs 
-Live sessions will be recorded and        available to view if you can't make         the live session 

**This series and my method is not a substitute for pelvic floor physical therapy (it can be done in tandem with rehab from a pelvic floor physical therapist as long as approved).

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Andrea Hassberger

Before I went to LIZ I was starting to feel really frustrated with my progress and every time I left a session with HER I felt stronger, motivated, and HOPEFUL for the first time since giving birth."

I went to Liz’s “strong as a mother” workshop in February and immediately knew I needed to see her for a private session. She is so real and down to earth, but she KNOWS HER SH*T. I am a fitness instructor myself and even prenatal certified, but after my second pregnancy and having twins, I realized that I didn’t have the knowledge about how to really heal and strengthen my core after this “trauma”. Liz does.

I went to see Liz initially with the goal of healing my ab separation and strengthening my core. I left each session with so much more than that. Liz is such a beautiful person inside and out and it reflects in how she teaches and motivates. I have only done 3 sessions with her so far and have seen dramatic improvement in my core strength AND overall strength and form. Before I went to her I was starting to feel really frustrated with my progress and every time I left a session with Liz I felt stronger, motivated, and HOPEFUL for the first time since giving birth. She is amazing and I would recommend anybody call her immediately for training, but especially those pre and post natal mamas."

Andrea Hassberger

Photography by Andrew Glatt and Alisha Tova