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Our bodies were made to move. No matter what phase of life you're in, there is no wrong time to learn the best and safest ways to move. My approach is to teach you, not tell you, how to move your body so you are getting the most out of the exercise, this will allow you to be challenged and see changes in the safest ways.

Monthly Membership

Learn how to move, get strong, and stay safe during pregnancy & postpartum. Pregnancy and post baby can be amazing and stressful at the same time. So much is out of your control, however you can take control over your movement and use this as a way to heal.

6 week training

Private Training

pregnancy & Postpartum training

Work 1:1 with me to learn how to breathe correctly, strengthen your abdominals, work on alignment while working out or pushing the stroller, and learn how to modify the exercises in your favorite group classes during pregnancy & postpartum. We will cater these sessions to YOU because every body is different and requires different strategies.

Coming soon.

This is a space where I will share with you my journey through pre and post natal life and fitness. We will talk about labor experiences, movement, random mom tips and more. I promise this is a place where you will see my most vulnerable and raw side and a place for us to connect on all things motherhood. 

the experience

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Stephanie Wright

Everyone should be educated on the body awareness techniques Liz teaches her students. As a collegiate athlete and someone who prides herself on being healthy and exercising regularly, I’ve been so surprised by the simple body movements I’ve been doing incorrectly for literally decades.

I’ve struggled for a long time with incredibly tight muscles at the top of my shoulders which caused regular headaches. Who knew it was largely due to breathing incorrectly? Or, who knew for all these years that the reason I have a “flat” butt is that my quads simply take over the work that my gluteus should have been doing? I just didn’t know how to properly engage my glutes. The lessons and techniques I’ve learned from Liz will not only aid in a healthier pregnancy but in supporting more mindful and more productive exercise to build a stronger body in all the years ahead. Liz is an incredible teacher - patient, encouraging, energetic and provides constructive prompts that make sense. Thankful to have found her on this journey.

Photography by Andrew Glatt and Alisha Tova