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Work 1:1 with me to learn how to breathe correctly, strengthen your abdominals, work on alignment while working out or pushing the stroller, and learn how to modify the exercises in your favorite group classes during pregnancy & postpartum. We will cater these sessions to YOU because every body is different and requires different strategies.

looking for a more personal approach?

Ali Brasher, Yoga Teacher & Lead Educator at Barefeet Power Yoga  

As a mom and a fitness professional I am so grateful to have started working with Liz personally and professionally during my second pregnancy. There is so much misinformation out there and Liz is such a wealth of knowledge and clarity when it comes to perinatal fitness.

I love her emphasis on alignment and breath in all actions and activities and her theory that there is "no bad exercise". With Liz's guidance and classes I have been able to exercise like a badass mama with comfort and confidence all the way through my third trimester. Not only has Liz helped me personally but I am even more grateful for her participation in our Bare Feet Power Yoga Teacher Training this past spring coaching our new yoga teachers through the basics of perinatal fitness in relation to all movements. I would recommend Liz to anyone eager to learn more about the body from the inside out and how to protect yourself and continue to progress physically.

Photography by Andrew Glatt and Alisha Tova