Exercise is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy during these times; not only for your body but for your sanity too. I promise I'll  make the most of your time. Your workout will be efficient and  challenging, all while keeping you safe.

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Liz Cuttica 

My schedule for this week:

4:30 PM barre + cardio 
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8:30 cardio 
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*All classes are 55 minutes

CArdio &
Barre + Cardio

The perfect combination of heart pumping, sweat pouring moves and low impact bodyweight strength work. All levels welcome, and I offer modifications for all levels

Equipment needed:

yoga mat/carpet floor 

barefoot or sneakers

optional: light free weights (1lb-5lb)

towel (you will get sweaty) 


A full body, low impact, workout focusing on breath, alignment, and posture all while strengthening your body and mind. You will be challenged , you might even shake a little, all while in the safest way possible. All levels welcome. 

Equipment needed:

yoga mat/carpet floor 

chair or back of couch to hold onto for balance (for virtual only)

free weights 

small kid's playground ball, yoga block, or rolled up hand towel to put into between knees for thigh work 

optional: round mini resistance bands 


Virtual Classes are donation based. Teaching fitness & these classes is my livelihood, and I am currently out of work. Please give what you can; I understand times are really tough. If you are someone who also lost your income due to COVID-19, please know it's ok to just take class- I got you. If you are a first responder, health care hero, or neighborhood essential worker - class is also on me. Thank you for risking your health to keep all of us safe.  

In Person Outdoor Classes are $25 a person.  Classes have a 9 student maximum and each person will be at least 6 feet apart. Each person will need to bring their own equipment. Masks are not required.  Your Venmo for class will reserve your spot. Please put the class day & time in the Venmo description.  If you have paid for a class and aren't able to attend, please cancel within 12 hours.

Venmo- Liz-Cuttica
Zelle/Chase 630-956-8278

Kristin Rupp


There is no class like a Liz Cuttica class! Her knowledge, energy, cuEing, music and VIBE is incredible.

I have been training with her for almost 10 years, and no other instructor compares. I will drive to the city from the suburbs to take her classes. Liz's classes are so encouraging--you will work so so hard, but you will listen to your body and push yourself without getting injured.

She is a form expert, and her cuing will have you working muscles you have never worked, all while improving your form so you can get the most out of each exercise. I ALWAYS feel energized after her classes--they give me life! Her encouragement will have you feeling like you can take on the world when you walk out of her class.

The best part of this quarantine has been the ability for me to take her Zoom classes. Somehow she is able to create the same energy her in person classes have. She is that talented! I feel so lucky to have taken her class almost 10 years ago, she is one of my biggest inspirations and Liz and her classes have changed my life in the best possible way.

Kristin Rupp